Terms and Conditions

The Red Ink series is a small project with aspirations for several more editions (hence the ambitious ‘Vol 1’ in the title). For publishing and legal purposes, some things need to be made clear.

Vol 1 has a limit of 25 stories. Rites of Passage; Rights of Womanhood is a specific title dealing with rites of life as a woman. Further volumes will be based on different themes. Those who are unsuccessful for this first volume will be notified first via email of the future volumes in case they would like to submit again. The stories that do not make it into the printed book will be posted on this blog.

You, as the writer, have copyright on your work, however by allowing it to be published in the anthology you’re agreeing for edits to be made (this refers to grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall syntax). No story will be published without letting you, the writer, see the final copy–it’s your voice, your story.

This is a non-paid project. You will, however, be given a free copy of the book. *All proceeds will be donated to Hope for Justice. Check out their website  here. I’ve been told a thank you letter will be sent  to RED INK after the donation has been made.

Any other questions should be sent to:

redqueries@hotmail.com with ‘ENQUIRY’ as the title.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Last updated 06/08/2013 @ 11:05


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