Submission Guidelines

Now, for the boring part:

Stories should be 3, 000 words maximum and of your best standard. Please ensure your submission is spell checked and grammatically correct. There will be a final edit from me (the editor), but it’s inadvisable to rely solely on this.

Stories should be non-fiction, in a biographical format.

If the story you have submitted is of a sensitive nature, please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous. A ‘trigger warning’* will be put in the book for the benefit of others.

Stories must be true.

Stories have to be about you. It’s libelous to write a story about a friend or someone else you know without their permission.

Submissions should be sent to: with your name and ‘RED INK SUBMISSION’ in the title.

Thank you, looking forward to reading your work.

*A ‘trauma trigger’ usually refers to something that can remind someone of a past trauma and can be very upsetting. It can be something in an image, or a video, but also in a written account. As someone who has a history of self-harm, it took a long time for me to be able to read others’ accounts of it, so I understand. This is why trigger warnings are needed, to inform others in case they’ve had to deal with similar issues. Typical stories that require trigger warnings involve accounts of abuse (physical, emotional, mental, sexual); self-harm and other types of body mutilation (FGM amongst others); sexual assault and rape; violence of any kind; religious abuse (this refers to people of religious authority manipulating vulnerable people to cause psychological harm, whether it be a threat of ‘hellfire’, discrimination, or anxiety based on your role as a woman and what God expects of you).


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