This site is moving!

From tomorrow (Friday 8th August), the RED INK project will be at its new home:


Don’t forget to share and follow!


Also, if you would like to contribute to the blog for the website launch period, send a submission to 

Submission Guidelines:

*Posts should written in coherent, grammatically correct English
*Blog posts are preferred in a conversational/chatty style [though please do this without slang or jargon]
*Desired topics include health & beauty, humanitarian issues; the creative arts; poetry and prose; women’s rights; employment; photography; sociological issues [this is not an exhaustive list]
*Posts can be from men or women
*Inflammatory or flame-baiting posts cannot be published
*Posts should be informative and promote healthy discussion and/or awareness if the subject requires it
*Please be respectful of others’ views when writing a post that is particularly sensitive
*For poetry: no more than two pieces per submission
*Posts should be from 500-2500 words

Speak soon!



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