July Update

Hi, all!

I’ve been busy behind the scenes, but thought it was best to do an update for this thing!

First thing. About the donations.

I really believe in this project and I definitely think it can go places, therefore I’ve decided against taking any of the profit for the book, and I’ll have to rely on donations from those who are impressed to in order to keep the site—and the cost of book printing—running smoothly. After thinking about it for a couple weeks, I see no reason why Hope for Justice should not have all the profit gained from Vol. 1. I thought it would be a good idea to have every volume focused on one particular charity. This time it’s Hope for Justice; I already have thoughts about a great charity for Vol. 2. So, expect a donation button soon, though I’ll judge to see what the likelihood of receiving donations will be…


I’ve now posted RED INK on Indeed.co.uk and it should be on Writers Relief soon as well. I’m planning on getting the advert posted on other free websites too. My boyfriend printed flyers for me and managed to get them on a few shop windows; next week I’m going to print business cards and push them through letterboxes. I’m looking forward to it.

Keep sharing and keep writing!





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