Welcome to the Red Ink Forum, the main space for the Red Ink… project.

The project is based around collating auto-biographical accounts from women about different events in their lives that have affected them, as women. Lemme introduce myself, first, though!

I’m Abigail ‘Ace’ Jackson. I’m 21, British-Caribbean, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, a vegan, a university student entering my final year in September this year, a writer and one day a businesswoman (hopefully!). I began to get interested in feminism and women’s rights when I was about 17 and since then I’ve developed a true love and compassion for other women and their struggles. I don’t know why the world is how it is; why women are treated the way they are. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some men (and women) to empathise with these things. One day, it may be ‘Saudi Arabia’s problem’, but tomorrow it will be England’s problem, America’s problem. It will be your problem, when your sister, mother or aunt, is affected by these issues. They are not immune to them. Only if we share and spread awareness will people at least start to think about it. Then maybe, one day, they’ll realise women’s issues don’t involve girls sitting in a circle and moaning about their periods (although, I do this from time to time 😉 )

Take a gander, check the submissions page, the about page, etc, to find out more about this project. And what you can do if you or a woman you know would like to be get involved.




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